• Configuration of Google Captcha in Pixie CRM. 1- Click on "Setup" 2---> "Settings" 3---> "Google" in the menu then enter following keys  reCAPTCHA
  • SMS Alerts

    03-07-2023 8:26 PM
    To configure SMS navigate to Setup->Settings->SMS and chose the SMS gateway you want to activate, fill the config credentials and make sure that you actually activated this provider. The S
  • In this article, we will cover some country-specific available configurations in Pixie AI-Based CRM, feel free to apply them in your Pixie AI-Based CRM installation if they fit your needs. Date Format and Time Format
  • Setup Support Ticket Form

    03-07-2023 8:30 PM
    Imagine you have 5 websites, you can embed the form in all 5 websites and in this case all the form submits will be created as a ticket in your Pixie AI-Based CRM installation, in this case all your staff members/sales agents will
  • Create Staff Member

    03-07-2023 8:33 PM
    To create new staff member/agent in your Pixie CRM installation navigate to Setup->Staff and click on the button New Staff Member Not Staff Member Firstname Lastname Ema
  • CRM Language

    03-07-2023 8:35 PM
    Create New Language In Pixie CRM you can easily change the language. You only need to translate all the strings based on you
  • Navigate to Setup->Custom Fields and click New Custom Field.
  • Setup Web To Lead Form

    03-07-2023 8:44 PM
    To create new web to lead form, from the main admin menu navigate to Setup->Leads->Web To Lead
  • Email Piping is a feature in Pixie CRM to auto open or reply to ticket from email. You can’t use both methods for auto importing tickets. You
  • Currencies

    03-07-2023 8:49 PM
    Create new currency To add new currency go to Setup -> Finance -> Currencies
  • Tax Rates

    03-07-2023 8:51 PM
    Create new tax Pixie CRM gives you the ability to add unlimited tax rates on your invoices/estimates/proposals etc..
  • Payment Modes

    03-07-2023 8:52 PM
    To add new payment mode go to Setup->Finance->Payment Modes and click on the top left button New Payment Mode Payment Mode Name – Eq. Bank
  • Custom Fields

    03-07-2023 8:53 PM
    Custom fields is feature in our CRM which allows you to add field based on your needs. With this ability Pixie can fit easily for your company requirements.Follow the steps to add new custom field. Go to 
  • Setup cPanel Cron Job

    03-07-2023 8:57 PM
    Setup cPanel Cron Job Login to your cPanel and navigate to Cron jobs Add the follow
  • Timezone

    03-07-2023 8:58 PM
    Navigate to Setup->Settings->Localization to setup your default system timezone. All dates will be saved in the database based on your timezone.
  • Roles

    03-07-2023 8:59 PM
    Pixie CRM installation by default have only 1 role added with name Employee and with no permissions, it’s up to you to adjust the permissions for this role or create a new one. To create new role navigate to 
  • Departments

    03-07-2023 9:00 PM
    To configure your support system departments, navigate to Setup-> Support -> Departments and click New Department. Department n
  • Date Format and Language

    03-07-2023 9:02 PM
    Pixie CRM allows you to setup dateformat to fit for your country. The date format will be used all over the system including the customers area. Navigate to Setup->Settings->Localization 
  • Email Templates

    03-07-2023 9:03 PM
    To set up email templates navigate to Setup -> Email templates and change the content according to your needs.You can set up a general email signature