Country Specific Config Options

In this article, we will cover some country-specific available configurations in Pixie AI-Based CRM, feel free to apply them in your Pixie AI-Based CRM installation if they fit your needs.

Date Format and Time Format

Date and time format can be easily changed by navigating to Setup->Settings->Localization

Company Information Format

Your company information format can be changed in Setup->Settings->Company Information, scroll to the bottom and apply the changes with the available merge fields in the Company Information Format (PDF and HTML) textarea.

Thousand and Decimal Separator

Thousand and Decimal separator can be changed in Setup->Settings->Finance.

This is the general configuration for numbers, if you are looking for an option to configure this per currency, starting from version 2.3.2, you will be able to do this per currency in Setup->Finance->Currencies

Taxes per item in transactions (invoice, estimate etc…)

In case you don’t want to show tax per item per eq invoice you can turn off tax per item in Setup->Settings->Finance and set Show TAX per item to No

Note that when creating transaction eq invoice you will still need to add the tax in the item area, this option is only for the tax in HTML/PDF invoice to be hidden or not.

Customers Address Format

Customers address format can be changed in Setup->Settings->Customers, scroll to the bottom and apply the changes with the available merge fields in the Customer Information Format (PDF and HTML)  textarea.

PDF Document Formats

Navigate to Setup->Settings->PDF->Document Formats to change the PDF documents format in case you need different format other than A4 Portrait. Many countries use different formats for PDF documents.

You can easily change the format to A4 Portrait, A4 Landscape, Letter Landscape or Letter Portrait.

Invoice, Estimate, Credit Note Number Format

Eq. to change the number format for your invoices, you can navigate to Setup->Settings->Finance->Invoices and find the option Invoice Number Format

Currently, available number formats are the following:

  • Number Based (000001)
  • Year Based (YYYY/000001)
  • 000001-YY
  • 000001/MM/YYYY

VAT Number Field In Customer Profile

VAT Number is used if your company is doing business in Europe, in case you don’t do any business in Europe you can easily remove the VAT number field from customer profile by navigating to Setup->Settings->Customers and set Company requires the usage of the VAT Number field to NO.

Changing Specific Translations

If you want to change eq specific translations eq Zip Code to Postal Code you can achieve this by creating custom_lang.php file, click here to read more about overwriting translation text.

The code sample includes changes to Zip Code, Vat Number, and State, we will update this article in case there are other more specific texts to be changed for country-specific needs.

Copy and paste this code into your custom_lang.php file, don’t forget to add the <?php opening tag at the top if it’s not already there.

 // Zip Code to Post Code 

 $lang['clients_zip'] = 'Post Code';
 $lang['client_postal_code'] = 'Post Code';
 $lang['settings_sales_postal_code'] = 'Post Code';
 $lang['billing_zip'] = 'Post Code';
 $lang['shipping_zip'] = 'Post Code';
 $lang['lead_zip'] = 'Post Code'; 

 // VAT Number to TAX Number 
 $lang['client_vat_number'] = 'TAX Number';
 $lang['clients_vat'] = 'TAX Number';
 $lang['company_vat_number'] = 'TAX Number'; 

 // State to Province 
 $lang['client_state'] = 'Province';
 $lang['clients_state'] = 'Province';
 $lang['billing_state'] = 'Province';
 $lang['shipping_state'] = 'Province';
 $lang['lead_state'] = 'Province';

Note that in future we may change this implementation and modify the language keys eq. to be used only one key for all areas eq zip_code will be applied for billing zip, leads zip etc.. you may need to re-visit this article in case your text is not longer applied, to check if is anything changed so you can apply the changes to your custom_lang.php file too.

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